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Dr. Miles ReviewDr. Nack came highly recommended from a trusted friend and his staff got me in the same day I called. He temporarily re-cemented a just re-cemented old crown, which came off only after a couple of days. I had a root canal finished by an endodontist, after my former dentist messed that one up. I was in need of a new dentist and decided to get established as a new client – and the re-cemented old crown lasted 10 days without problems, till I got my temporary one instead. I like that Dr. Nack is using 3D scanning to make crowns, replacing the old-fashioned and messy impression techniques. He also uses crowns made of 100 % zirconium ceramic – the newest and hardest material in the dental world, as I learned – instead of porcelain with a metal core, like I had before. The new crown looks and feels just like a real tooth and even the color matches – Dr. Nack has obviously a knack for the detail and seems to be a perfectionist. Though he is not perfect (he cemented the temporary crown just as weak as the old one, which brought me in his office in the first place, and I had to come back the next morning before work to get it fixed with a harder cement), but he impressed me with owning up to this little mistake – a first in my experience with dentists, who so far never took responsibility for anything not done well. I am also very pleased with my requested status quo chart of all my teeth, showing all the procedures done on them over the years – an extra service Dr. Nack and his friendly team provided with ease. My dental cleaning went smooth and I will undergo next week a recommended fluoride varnish – I wanted to research it first, since I never got one offered before. Dr. Nack is very gentle, he explains everything to me in detail the way I like it, and without making me feel like he is in a hurry or doing me an extra favor. He also pays attention to my needs (like a break, or swallowing, or water) and focuses on me, instead of chitchatting with the assistant – as my former dentist liked to do. He listens, and when he learned that I hate the bite block during the procedures, he worked with me without it, trusting me to keep my mouth open for him – something my old one never did in all the years I went to him! He also does not let me wait long before or during my treatment. On top, the water and food drives organized by the nice staff of 7th Street Dental Care help the community, and it is great to receive a 25 $ discount on the next treatment for bringing in a case of bottled water in summer or some cans of food before the Christmas holidays in winter. These are just my first experiences with 7th Street Dental Care and only time will show the big picture, but so far so wonderful. I recommended Dr. Nack already to my husband.